Saturday, June 7, 2014

WODIM 2014, the 18th Workshop on Dielectrics in Microelectronics, 9-11 June 2014 in Kinsale Cork Ireland.

Coming up next week - The 18th Workshop on Dielectrics in Microelectronics, which takes place from 9-11 June 2014 in Kinsale Co Cork Ireland. This event is hosted by Tyndall National Institute, UCC, Cork, and celebrates the 10th anniversary of the last time the workshop was held in Ireland.
The main objective of the workshop is to bring together specialists who work in the field of dielectrics and all aspects of their application in the field of micro and nanoelectronics. The forum is intended to provide an overview of the state of the art in this significant field, and to promote a relatively informal atmosphere for the discussion of the latest research results, where contributions from students are particularly encouraged. The workshop deals with a range of issues in the field of advanced and new dielectrics, such as: growth and deposition, modelling and simulation, physical and electrical properties, reliability and dielectric applications.
 Kinsale, Co Cork, Ireland, in one of the most beautiful coastal towns in Ireland.
One of the more interesting talks will be on Tuesday ;-)

09.40 “Fluorine Interface Treatments within the Gate Stack for Defect Passivation in 28nm HKMG Technology”

M. Drescher1, E. Erben2, M. Trentzsch2, C. Grass2, M. Hempel2, A. Naumann1, J. Sundqvist1, J. Schubert3, J. Szillinski3, A. Schäfer3, S. Mantl3

1 Fraunhofer IPMS-CNT, Königsbrückerstraße 180, 01099 Dresden, Germany, 2 Globalfoundries,
Wilschdorfer Landstraße 101, 01109 Dresden, Germany, 3 Forschungszentrum Jülich, Wilhelm-Johnen-Straße, 52428 Jülich, Germany

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