Monday, June 16, 2014

ALD NanoSolutions is the first company to carry out ALD on particle surfaces and on polymer surfaces

Accordng to recently updated information on ALD NanoSolutions web : ALD NanoSolutions is the first company to carry out atomic layer deposition on particle surfaces and on polymer surfaces (also includes non-particle surfaces).
ALD NanoSolutions manufactures Fluidized and rotating beds ALD reactors and technology through licensing agreements: "Fluidized and rotating beds have distinct advantages with respect to ALD processing. The FBX offers the well characterized fluidized bed processing vessel; widely used, easy scaled, and excellent for thermal ALD. The RX uses a rotating bed style, which allows for easier loading and unloading, static dosing, glove box loading, and optional plasma processing. Both reactor styles are benchmark designs used for years to produce state of the art coated materials." []
Because of this innovation, the U.S. and foreign patent offices have issued broad process and composition of matter patent claims for ALD on particles and polymers, including more than 100 related claims. ALD NanoSolutions, Inc. has exclusive rights to practice and to license the technology covered by the following patents: 

Particle Patents
Atomic Layer Controlled Deposition on Particle Surfaces – US6,613,383
Insulating and Functionalizing Fine Metal-Containing Particles with Conformal Ultra-thin Films – US6,713,177; EP1412175B7; JP4507598B; CA2452531C
Nanocoated Primary Particles and Method for their Manufacture – US6,913,827
Nanomaterials for Quantum Tunneling Varistors – US7,132,697
Dental Composite Filler Particles – US7,396,862
Titanium Dioxide Particles Coated via an Atomic Layer Deposition Process – US8,133,531

Methods for Producing Coated Phosphors and Host Material Particles Using Atomic Layer Deposition Methods – US8,163,336; US8,637,156
Metal Ferrite Spinel Energy Storage Devices and Methods for Making and Using Same – US8,187,731

Polymer Patents
Method for the Deposition of an Inorganic Film on an Organic Polymer Surface using Atomic Layer Deposition Techniques – JP4295614; CA2452656C; Pending US & EPO
Protective Coatings for Organic Electronic Devices made using Atomic Layer Deposition and Molecular Layer Deposit Techniques – JP5220106; Pending US & EPO

MEMS Patents
Atomic Layer Deposition on Micro-Mechanical Devices – US7,426,067
Al2O3 Atomic Layer Deposition to Enhanced the Deposition of Hydrophobic or Hydrophilic Coatings on Micro-Electromechanicals Devices – US7,553,686

Supporting Patents
A Solid Material Comprising a Thin Metal Film on its Surface and Methods for Producing the Same – US6,958,174
Crystal Microbalance Holder – US8,531,090

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