Monday, June 16, 2014

PICOSUN™ P-300B ALD production tool is a success

Picosun reports today: 16th June, 2014 – Picosun Oy, the leading manufacturer of high quality Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) equipment for global industries, reports several new orders for it­s success product for High Volume Manufacturing, the PICOSUN™ P-300B batch ALD tool.

Multiple industrial production customers around the world, representing fields such as MEMS (MicroElectroMechanical Systems), LEDs (Light-Emitting Diodes), and passivation of large batches of machined metal parts, have placed repeated orders for P-300B ALD systems. Some of the systems also come equipped with various automatic loading options available from Picosun, such as linear loading or batch handling with industrial robotics. 
PICOSUN™ P-series Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) systems set a new standard for ALD production tools, providing extremely fast process times and very low cost of ownership with the patented design solely based on the requirements of the ALD method. The reactor design is optimized for efficient processing of batches of 4-18" (100-450 mm) or 156 mm x 156 mm solar wafers  and  glass substrates up to 460 mm x 640 mm with high throughput that fulfills HVM requirements for both for electronics manufacturing and solar applications. PICOSUN™ P-series ALD tools are reliable, have a small footprint and are fully compatible with the most stringent clean room processing requirements. Operation and maintenance of the PICOSUN™ P-series ALD tools is fast and simple. Excellent particle performance and short cycle times can be reached thanks to the unique batch chamber design. Performance of the ALD system can be maximized with automated loading systems. Facts about the PICOSUN™ P-300B ALD can be found here.
P-300B ALD system is well-known for its world leading process quality regarding particle levels down to 0 – 2 added particles per wafer and lower than 1 % film non-uniformity in a batch for several processes. Easy and fast maintenance, as high as 99 % uptime, and 100 % yield have been reported by customers.  

“We are proud that our newest generation of batch ALD tools have provided for industrial breakthrough of ALD to several completely new application areas, enabling Picosun’s frontline position in spearheading new technologies and adding value to existing ones with today’s leading thin film processing solutions. Our dedication and unparalleled, cumulative know-how in ALD has again manifested itself in the repeated demand for our production ALD technology from various prominent global industries,” summarizes Juhana Kostamo, Managing Director of Picosun.  

Picosun’s highest level ALD thin film technology enables the industrial leap into the future by novel, cutting-edge coating solutions, with four decades of continuous, groundbreaking expertise in the field. Today, PICOSUN™ ALD systems are in daily production use in numerous major industries around the world. Picosun is based in Finland, with subsidiaries in USA, China, and Singapore, and a world-wide sales and support network.

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