Monday, June 16, 2014

1st Belux workshop on Coating (CVD, ALD, Epiaxy), Materials, Surfaces and Interfaces

The 1st Be-lux workshop will be held in Belvaux from 11th to 12th September 2014. The workshop will provide a common ground to address today's challenges and facilitate discussions on improving the state of the art and increasing fundamental insights related to chemical vapor deposition (CVD), atomic layer deposition (ALD), plasma-CVD, epitaxy, chemical etching and surface functionalization. These processes share a common involvement of complex interactions between solid surfaces and reactive species from gaseous and possibly liquid phases. Private and public research in these areas is inherently multidisciplinary and addresses the topic from process development, monitoring and application angles. [Thanks Henrik Pedersen for the tip!]
For this workshop we invite contributions that concern:
  • Innovative chemistries or hardware modifications for film growth and surface treatments. This includes the ALD of metals and the growth of multi-phase coatings; issues related to the chemical etching of some challenging materials (e.g. Pt) as well as to other general limitations such as side wall damage and surface roughness.
  • In situ monitoring approaches, such as those involving e.g. infrared spectroscopy, mass-spectrometry, ellipsometry, X-ray techniques, gravimetry and optical characterization. Diagnostic techniques in real time are required for the understanding of surface chemistries and material growth, providing information at the molecular level and nanometric scale; and assessing process kinetics. Both are essential inputs for process modeling and upscaling.
  • Theoretical approaches, such as DFT modeling, to improve the understanding of deposition and etch processes.
  • Integrating scientific and engineering developments to address novel applications involving the deposition of 2D materials (MX2, graphene, superlattices,..), 3D structures (conformal deposition, filling, nucleation, deposition of nano-sized powder…) and the growth of multi-component coatings.
Invited speakers:

Prof. Mikko Ritala
Professor of Inorganic Materials Chemistry, Laboratory of Inorganic Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, University of Helsinki, Finland

Prof. Claire J. Carmalt
Head of Inorganic & Materials Chemistry Section, Department of Chemistry
University College London, UK

Prof. Christophe Detavernier
Coating and contacting of nanostructures Research Group
Ghent University, Belgium

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