Wednesday, November 2, 2016

NCD supplied Lucida GS100 ALD to KIER

2016/11/02 : NCD has recently launched and supplied Lucida GS100 ALD, new version of Al2O3-ALD passivation equipment for high efficiency crystalline silicon solar cell, to KOREA INSTITUTE OF ENERGY RESEARCH (KIER).

This batch wafer process equipment has the specification below.

1) Batch capability: > 200 wafers/hour

2) Substrate size: 156 x 156mm2

3) Dimension: Approx. 450W x 617D x 1000H mm

KIER, which is not only the largest but also the most prestigious national institute of Korea about energy, is using Lucida GS 100 to investigate what is the best with dielectrics and passivation layers for crystal silicon solar cell. So we expect that this system will contribute very much to the development of solar energy research. NCD will do all we can, to be the best ALD equipment company with continuous R&D efforts. 
Lucida GS100 ALD for Al2O3 passivation of solar cells running at > 200 wafers/hour.

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