Tuesday, November 29, 2016

4th Int. Atomic Layer Etching Workshop ALE2017 in Denver USA July 15-17

Here is a message and update from Steve George and Keren Kanarik Co-Chairs of ALE2017:

ALE2017 will be held in conjunction with the 17th International Conference on Atomic Layer Deposition in Denver, Colorado. ALE2017 is scheduled on July 15-17, 2017. Preliminary details are posted at: https://aldconference.avs.org/.

ALE2017 will embrace many topics including:

  • Plasma and/or energy-enhanced ALE
  • Gas-phase and/or thermal ALE
  • Solution-based including wet ALE
  • Selective ALE
  • ALE hardware, diagnostics, & instrumentation
  • Modeling of ALE
  • Atomic layer cleaning (ALC)
  • Integration of ALD + ALE
  • Applications for ALE
Confirmed invited speakers for ALE2017 that will cover many of the above topics:
  • Rick Gottscho (Lam Research)
  • Mark Kushner (Univ. Michigan)
  • Masanobu Honda (Tokyo Electron)
  • Nathan Marchack (IBM)
  • Jesus Del Alamo (MIT)
  • Jane Chang (UCLA)
  • Stacey Bent (Stanford Univ.)
  • Chuck Winter (Wayne State Univ.)
  • Younghee Lee (Univ. Colorado)
ALE2017 will begin with a poster session in the evening on July 15. The plenary talks for both ALD2017 and ALE2017 are on the morning of July 16. Rick Gottscho, Executive Vice President of Global Products from Lam Research, will be presenting the ALE Plenary talk. The invited and contributed talks for ALE2017 will continue on July 16-17. In addition, there will be a networking area devoted to ALE next to the ALE posters

The abstract submission deadline for ALE2017 is February 17, 2017.

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