Friday, November 25, 2016

The ALD Passivation Market for Solar Cells is Evolving

Levitech Reports: Almere, the Netherlands – November 23, 2016 – The ongoing evolution from Al BSF cells to new PERC and n-type cell concepts will continue in the coming years. This production shift is made possible by the development of high volume capable Al2O3 deposition systems. The intrinsic properties of ALD are a perfect match with the requirements from cell design and technological point of view, both for PERC as well as n-type cells. Additionally, ALD systems result in a proven CoO benefit as compared to PECVD due to the increased maintenance interval and its beneficial effect on cell efficiencies.

从 Al BSF 电池到新型 PERC 和 n 型电池概念的持续演进将在未来的几年 中继续保 持下去。高產量 Al2O3 沉积系统 的发展推动了这一生产转变。从电池的设计 和 技 术 的 角 度 来 讲 ,无 论 是 PERC 还是 n 型电池,ALD 的固有属性可谓正应所需。除 此 之外,鉴于 ALD 系统可以增加维修间隔 并改善电池效率,它还能够带来 PECVD 不 具备的实际 CoO 益处。

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