Thursday, November 10, 2016

BENEQ ALD process beats PVD in speed, quality and cost of ownership

Readers of this blog has probably noticed that ALD is continuously taking market shares from PVD and is growing much faster than PVD. ALD is a disruptive technology in many ways especially in semiconductor manufacturing. Now BENEQ Spatial Plasma ALD process also beats PVD in speed, quality and cost of ownership for Anti Reflection coatings!
High-performance AR coatings for mass production 08.11.2016 | BENEQ Equipment :  Ever since we earlier this year announced the licensing of rotary spatial ALD technology and launched Beneq R11, our new rotary tool for plasma enhanced spatial ALD, we have received a steady flow of inquiries and questions about where we see the new equipment being the most useful. Plenty of things, we might say, but here is one prime example: fast low temperature optical coatings, such as anti-reflection (AR) coatings on polycarbonate.

The rotary spatial ALD technology and the Beneq R11 equipment solve two major challenges that have until now been associated with the use of ALD in optical coatings in high-volume manufacturing: the deposition rate and the deposition temperature. The new advanced spatial ALD technology has several advantages over traditional PVD coatings commonly used for optical coatings.

Ultra-fast ALD deposition rates with Beneq R11

Atomic layer deposition is well known for great thin film quality, but the low deposition rates of traditional ALD methods have prohibited its use in volume production. With Beneq R11, this is no longer an issue as we can reach deposition rates of over 1µm/h with common optical materials such as SiO2 and TiO2. This takes the technology from lab scale to high volume manufacturing in one giant leap. Some might even call the deposition rates revolutionary.

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