Saturday, March 28, 2015

PEALD Publication Histograms for 2014 by The Plasma-ALD-Guy

The Plasma-ALD-Guy has created a histogram of the regions which have produced plasma ALD publications that were accepted during 2014. The region for a paper is determined from the first author affiliation (here). In addition, he has compiled a similar histogram for Plasma ALD Film Type also for 2014 Publications (here). Both are reproduced below with permission.

Knowing that both BENEQ and Picosun are manufacturing and shipping PEALD reactors the low number of Finnish PEALD publications is surprising. No surprise though that USA and South Korea is pumping out PEALD publications and that many of them are for classic materials like Al2O3 and SiO2 and also for AlN that is just about impossible to realize in thermal mode.

The Plasma-ALD-Guys tells me that there are more publication histograms to come and I am very eager to see those - stay tuned for more!

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