Thursday, March 12, 2015

A cheap ellipsometer that can be integrated in ALD chambers for in-situ film growth monitoring

A cheap ellipsometer that can be integrated in ALD chambers for in-situ film growth monitoring from Film Sense. Thanks James Greer for posting this one in the ALD LinkedIn Group.

By sampling discrete bands across the visible spectrum, the Film Sense FS‑1™ Banded Wavelength Ellipsometer realizes many of the benefits of spectroscopic ellipsometry without all the cost and complication.


The film thickness and index of refraction of most transparent thin films can be determined with excellent precision and accuracy by a simple 1 second measurement. The multiple wavelength bands of the FS-1 enable the determination of additional sample parameters, such as multiple film thicknesses, surface roughness, and more.


The FS‑1 offers the power of Banded Wavelength Ellipsometry™ (BWE), but at the price point of single wavelength ellipsometer and spectroscopic reflectometer systems. The FS‑1 is ideal for measurements in the research lab, classroom, in situ processing environments, industrial control, and more.

FS-1 Banded Wavelength Ellipsometer

FS-1 In Situ Monitoring Capabilities
  • Sub-monolayer thickness precision, in real time
  • Determine deposition rates and film optical constants n&k, at multiple process conditions, without breaking vacuum
  • Monitor and control the deposition of multilayer film structures
  • FS-API interface for external software control (LabVIEW™ compatible)
  • Applicable to most thin film deposition techniques: Sputtering, ALD, MBE, MOCVD, e‑beam evaporation, etc.

Mounting Specifications
  • Adapters for mounting the FS-1 light source and detector units to standard 2.75” or 1.33″ conflat vacuum flanges (windows not included)
  • Easy to adjust tilt stages for beam alignment
  • The FS-1 source and detector units are compact and light (≈1 kg each).
  • Can be installed without breaking chamber vacuum

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