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Atomic Layer Etching - An Intel Perspective

Atomic Layer Etching: An Industry Perspective

Colin T. Carver, John J. Plombon, Patricio E. Romero, Satyarth Suriz, Tristan A. Tronic and
Robert B. Turkot Jr.

[Components Research, Intel Corporation, Hillsboro, Oregon 97124, USA]
doi: 10.1149/2.0021506jss ECS J. Solid State Sci. Technol. volume 4, i

Abstract [OPEN ACCESS, Full version:

This paper provides an industry perspective on atomic layer etching (ALEt) process. Two process sequences representing two different methods of ALEt are described, followed by several examples where ALEt can be an enabling process technology in the semiconductor industry. The authors believe that there needs to be an increased understanding of surface functionalization, modification and chemistry-based material removal. We are confident that this review article will allow for increased scientific and technological solutions for enabling ALEt.

ALEt Method 1
Figure 1.

(a) – (d) Schematic representation of an ALEt process. Figure 1(a) is an incoming substrate, Figure 1(b) shows an absorbed layer on the surface atoms due to chemistry exposure, Figure 1(c) shows bombardment of the surface layer using energized ions or neutrals and Figure 1(d) shows removal of the surface layer as volatile by-products. 

ALEt Method 2

Figure 2. 

(a) – (d) Schematic representation of an ALEt process. Figure 2(a) is an incoming substrate, Figure 2(b) shows an absorbed layer on the surface atoms due to gaseous/chemical precursor exposure, Figure 2(c) shows exposure of the modified surface layer to ligands such that the M*-L molecule can be removed either by temperature or pumping down to low pressure, Figure 2(d).  

ALEt publication statistics compared to ALD

Graphs showing comparison of number of publications in ALD versus ALEt. Plot constructed from a SCOPUS database search for the terms “Atomic Layer Etching” and “Atomic Layer Deposition”, retrieved on December 3rd 2014. (©2015 by The Electrochemical Society)

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