Saturday, March 21, 2015

ASM Pulsar 2000 ALD reactor from Intel for sale on ebay US $74,999.99

ASM Pulsar 2000 ALD reactor from Intel for sale on ebay “This unit was Intel surplus. It is being sold as-is. All we have is the reactor portion.”

You can only imagine how this one maybe was part in the pre development for the introduction of ALD HfO2 at 45 nm. It makes me thinking of the fantastic experience when I started to work on  one of these fresh out of university in the Infineon 200 mm DRAM line in Dresden. I had mine pimped up and could run both high-k and metal nitrides (Al2O3, HfO2, TiN, HfN, TiAlN) I later was forced to sell mine to an US East Cosat company making VR goggles with a Ta2O5 layer.  

This beauty is for sale for only US $74,999.99 on ebay (I got 10x more for mine in 2006...) - Anyone up for crowd founding? I have clean room space!

Check out the pictures below and read this press release from 2000 and the firstt sell of a Pulsar 2000 on a Polygon ASM mainframe to a Japanese customer : 
"ALCVD is an enabling technology which can be scaled down to well below 0.07 um."

ASM International Sells First Atomic Layer CVD Module Attached to Polygon Platform


Left side showing the cold source cabinets where you typically find TMA, TiCl4, H2O in small sice bubblers that can be cooled to 15-18 C with a petier element.


The right side showing the fantastic integration of the hot source in a furnace directly on to the outer chamber of the reactor - no cold spots here! Perfectly made for delivering HfCl4 and other low vapour pressure solids into the cross flow chamber via inert gas valves.

Here the lid from the outer chamber and the inner chamber has been removed revealing the inside of the cross flow chamber. You can see the gas inlets on the far away side and can imagine the ALD pulse train coming towards you - The Pulsar!


Here the hot source furnace (HIG Source) has been opened up showing the hook up connections for the stainless steel ampole containing e.g. solid HfCl4. 

Here is a patent drawing of the solid precursor sublimator that looks pretty much as the one I used to use if my memory is right. Inside was a quartz crusible with a lid that s at same time the filter for particles that could come from the solid precursor (System for controlling the sublimation of reactants US 7601225 B2)

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