Friday, May 22, 2015

Phosphorene transistors and circuit units for flexible Nanoelectronics

Phosphorene transistors and circuit units feature outstanding electrical performance and strong mechanical robustness and can therefore be used in flexible nanoelectronics for building transistors and other devices. Here is a good paper in SPIE Newsroom from University of Texas at Austin

Phosphorene for flexible nanoelectronics

Weinan Zhu, Maruthi N. Yogeesh and Deji Akinwande

Few-layer black phosphorus (BP) has attracted ever more attention since its debut last year as a new 2D layered semiconductor.1, 2 The puckered crystal structure distinguishes its physical properties from plane-structured graphene with a thickness-tuned bandgap ranging from 0.3 to ∼2eV. Its exceptional electrical properties include high hole mobility (∼1000 cm2/Vs) and high field-effect current modulation (105).2, 3 These properties enable both high-speed and low-power nanoelectronic applications beyond the demonstrated performance capability of graphene or transitional metal dichalcogenides (TMDs).

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