Saturday, January 20, 2018

UPDATE: EFDS ALD for Industry 2018 - Workshop and Tutorial, 21-22 March Dresden, Germany

A topical workshop with focus on industrialization and commercialization of ALD for current and emerging markets

Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) is used to deposit ultrathin and highly conformal thin films. ALD is unique in the sense that it employs sequential self-limiting surface reactions for growth in the monolayer thickness regime. According to market estimates the equipment market alone is currently at an annual revenue of US$ 1.5 - 1.7 billion (2017) and it is expected to double in the next 4- 5 years.

In a European context ALD was invented independently twice in Europe (Russia & Finland) and since the last 15 years Germany has grown to become one of the strongest European markets for ALD in R&D, chemicals, equipment and end users. Here, Dresden and Saxony isa unique ALD hotspot due to a strong semiconductor and equipment industry.

Program: LINK

Event page : LINK
The Event will focus on the current markets for ALD, besides the leading edge semiconductor industry, applications in MEMS and Sensors, Display, Lightning, Barriers and Photovoltaics will be addressed.
Presentations and tutorials from: Globalfoundries, University of Helsinki, Air Liquide, Linköping University, Tyndall National Institute, Fraunhofer, TU Dresden, Picosun, Beneq, Veeco CNT, MKS Instruments, Osram Opto, Pegasus Chemicals, Techcet LLC


Registration Fees:

ALD for Industry (Workshop & Tutorial)

Early bird registration (before February 15, 2018): 690,00 EUR
Standard registration: 790,00 EUR
Students: 395,00 EUR

Workshop only

Early bird registration (before February 15, 2018): 490,00 EUR
Standard registration: 590,00 EUR
Students: 290,00 EUR

Tutorial only

Early bird registration (before February 15, 2018): 290,00 EUR
Standard registration: 390,00 EUR
Students: 180,00 EUR


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