Tuesday, May 26, 2015

MISOKA - The Nano CMP tooth brush from Japan

MISOKA - A new tooth brush from Japan uses nanotechnology to clean your teeth without the use of tooth paste. To me this seems to be pretty advanced technology from Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP) used in the semiconductor industry to planarize interconnects. All information below from the company webpage (http://www.misoka.jp/salone2015/salone2015-en.html).

Simply moisten the bristles and brush your teeth. The MISOKA toothbrush cleans your teeth by using the action of nano-sized mineral particles on the bristles to remove plaque from the surfaces of your teeth. It also gives the surfaces a smoother feel by making them more hydrophilic. This ground-breaking new toothbrush gives you the confidence of knowing you have brushed your teeth properly, leaving the inside of your mouth feeling fresher by making it more difficult for plaque and other material to stick to your teeth. So long as you don’t brush so hard that it hurts your gums, each MISOKA toothbrush will last for about one month.

  • Nano-sized mineral ions on the brush bristles help clean plaque from the teeth.
  • Brushing leaves an ion coating on the surface of the teeth that makes it more difficult for plaque and other material to adhere.
This picture looks a bit like an ALE process... The Atomic Layer Brush :-)

And yes you can buy it on Amazon for 14 US Dollar and until now over 2 million has been sold. 

MISOKA Toothbrush

Price:$14.12 FREE Shipping
In stock.
Ships from and sold by K-I-M-JAPAN.
    Estimated Delivery Date: June 1 - 4 when you choose Expedited at checkout.
    • Size (about): [package] width 20 × 4.5 × height back 2cm, 1cm length of [body] pattern 18.5 × 1.3cm hair
    • Material: [pattern] AS resin, [hair] nylon
    • Normal: Hardness of the hair

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