Saturday, August 26, 2023

SK Hynix Leads DRAM Industry's Rebound in Q2 with Revenue Surge, Reclaims No. 2 Position

South Korea's SK Hynix Inc. has orchestrated a substantial resurgence in the DRAM chip sector during Q2, propelling itself back to the second-largest global position and surging ahead of Micron Technology Inc., which now stands third. The chipmaker achieved a nearly 50% surge in DRAM shipments, propelling its revenue to $3.44 billion in the April-June period. Notably, SK Hynix excelled in DDR5 and HBM chip shipments, products with higher average selling prices (ASPs) than standard commodity DRAM items, thus enhancing its ASP growth by 7-9% compared to the previous quarter. In contrast, market leader Samsung Electronics experienced a 7-9% ASP drop while retaining its top position, and third-place Micron sustained relatively stable ASP with DDR5 shipments. The overall DRAM industry marked a 20.4% QoQ revenue increase in Q2, signaling a potential turnaround in the sector.

SK Hynix leads DRAM industry’s Q2 revenue rebound, retakes No. 2 spot - KED Global

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