Tuesday, August 22, 2023

ASM International Unveils Cutting-Edge Training Center in Tainan, Taiwan

Dutch semiconductor equipment leader ASM International NV has established a pioneering training center at the Southern Taiwan Science Park's Tainan branch to offer intensive training for over 100 engineers employed by its clients. This newly inaugurated facility is ASM's first training center in Taiwan and signifies a significant step in enhancing semiconductor expertise. With more than 50 percent global market share in atomic layer deposition (ALD), ASM's training center introduction aims to harness virtual reality technology for hands-on learning and precision semiconductor equipment mastery. The center is poised to propel innovation and foster synergies between Taiwan and the Netherlands, two pivotal players in the semiconductor industry.

The training center will leverage cutting-edge virtual reality technologies, allowing trainees to transcend conventional learning boundaries. The utilization of online courses coupled with virtual reality tools will empower engineers to grasp the intricate aspects of precision semiconductor equipment more effectively.

Guido Tielman, head of the Netherlands Office Taipei, highlighted the strategic collaboration between the Netherlands and Taiwan in shaping the global semiconductor landscape. He underscored the significance of this training center in fortifying ties and harnessing the immense business opportunities presented by the dynamic semiconductor sector.

This venture aligns with Taiwan's thriving semiconductor ecosystem, further enriched by the presence of other industry giants like ASML Holding NV, renowned for its extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUV) photolithography machines. The Netherlands, Taiwan, and ASM International are collectively poised to leverage their expertise to excel in the competitive global semiconductor market.

ASM International's state-of-the-art training center marks a pivotal moment in the advancement of semiconductor knowledge and technology. This strategic collaboration between the Netherlands and Taiwan is set to drive innovation, propel semiconductor advancements, and foster the development of highly skilled engineers, amplifying the capabilities of the global semiconductor industry.

Dutch IC equipment supplier opens training center in Tainan - Focus Taiwan

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