Tuesday, August 22, 2023

ALD Reactor Evolution: Tracing Milestones from Suntola to Today's Technological Landscape

The short but impactful 50-year history of Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) has been a subject of extensive research and documentation, particularly in recent years. Examining the technology's evolution through an equipment perspective reveals the crucial role played by innovative equipment design in shaping the ALD ecosystem we have today. This ALDeep Dive episode embarks on a journey through the evolution of ALD reactors, highlighting key milestones and developments.

Episode Highlights:

**00:00 - Intro:** An introduction to the ALD technology and its rapid development over the past 50 years.

**01:33 - Suntola’s 1st Reactor:** Delving into Tuomo Suntola's original ALD reactor and its significance in kickstarting the technology's journey.

**03:15 - Suntola’s Patented Configurations:** Exploring the patented configurations of ALD reactors, including the technological advancements they brought about.

**07:38 - The First Commercial Reactor:** Reflecting on the emergence of the first commercial ALD reactor and its role in driving the technology towards industrial applications.

**10:50 - Plasma, Please:** Examining the introduction of plasma into ALD reactors and how it enhanced film deposition processes.

**15:20 - Powder ALD Reactors:** Investigating the utilization of powder-based ALD reactors, which added a new dimension to thin film deposition.

**20:37 - Reintroduction of Spatial ALD:** Discussing the reintroduction of spatial ALD and its implications for achieving precise and uniform coatings.

**24:10 - Today’s ALD Tool Landscape:** Taking a look at the current landscape of ALD tools, showcasing the advancements and variety available today.

**25:43 - Concluding Thoughts:** Summing up the journey through ALD reactor evolution and emphasizing the integral role of equipment innovation in ALD's remarkable growth.

**Key Papers & Patents:**

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This insightful ALDeep Dive episode traces the evolutionary path of ALD reactors, acknowledging their critical contribution to the ALD technology we know today. From Suntola's pioneering work to the latest advancements, the journey reveals the interconnectedness of equipment innovation and ALD's remarkable progress.

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