Wednesday, August 30, 2023

6K Energy Partners with Forge Nano to Revolutionize Battery Material Production

6K Energy, a trailblazer in sustainable battery material production, has joined forces with Forge Nano to introduce cutting-edge Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) technology for commercial-scale production of NMC 811 cathodes. This collaboration aims to transform the battery industry by enhancing performance, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Forge Nano, known for its precision nano-coating technology, and 6K Energy are set to redefine battery material production. By integrating Forge Nano's proprietary Atomic Armor™ surface technology into 6K Energy's process, the partnership promises unparalleled advancements.

Atomic Armor employs ALD coatings with unprecedented precision and speed. This method enhances battery materials, resulting in superior capacity, safety, charging rates, and cost-efficiency. Combining Forge Nano's Atomic Armor with 6K Energy's innovative UniMelt® materials production process is expected to yield high-performance and cost-effective battery materials.

Dr. Richard Holman, Senior VP of Battery Products at 6K Energy, emphasizes the impact of the collaboration, stating, "Leveraging Forge Nano's Atomic Armor platform provides us with a coating technology that meets the stringent specifications of our lithium-ion battery materials."

6K Energy's mission to produce domestically sourced battery materials for electric vehicles and renewable energy is greatly amplified by this collaboration. As the demand for advanced battery technologies grows, strategic partnerships like this one are poised to drive sustainable and high-performance solutions.

About 6K:

6K is a sustainability-driven company offering innovative solutions across industries. Their UniMelt® microwave plasma production system transforms materials into groundbreaking products. The company's 6,000-degree philosophy signifies both the operational temperature of UniMelt and the sun's surface temperature. 6K Energy, a division focused on domestically sourced battery materials, accelerates the transition to electric vehicles and renewable energy.

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6K Energy to Implement Forge Nano Equipment for Commercial Production of NMC 811 - Forge Nano

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