Thursday, August 31, 2023

Balancing Fundamental and Applied ALD with Stacey Bent – ALD Stories Ep. 26

In Episode 26, Professor Stacey Bent from Stanford University joins to discuss all aspects of her career, including early area selective deposition work, how her different academic appointments in chemistry and engineering have influenced the direction of her work, and how ALD can be used in energy applications. Stacey and Tyler also chat about how Stacey finds the best paths for her students, how being a professor and Vice Provost feedback to each other, and new programs she has initiated in her Vice Provost position. 

In this episode: 
00:00 Introduction 
03:45 Area Selective Work 
15:40 Chemistry & Engineering Backgrounds 
21:20 ALD for energy applications 
33:54 Stacey as an advisor 
36:19 Vice Provost position

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