Wednesday, March 22, 2017

NCD to supply Lucida GS Series ALD system to a big Chinese manufacturer, Tongwei Solar, for high efficiency crystalline solar cells

NCD has recently contracted with Chinese Tongwei Solar to supply solar cell manufacturing equipment that can produce cells of over 100MW. This equipment, Lucida GS Series ALD system, is used to process Al2O3-ALD passivation on the back side of wafers in high volume manufacturing of high efficiency crystalline solar cells.

Lucida™ GS series

The current achievement with Tongwei Solar that followed the contract from DMEGC in China means that the oversea customers have proved NCD’s technology and the excellence of the equipment once again.

Lucida GS Series as batch ALD deposition equipment can produce over 4,000 wafers (@ 6nm thickness) of 156mm X 156mm size per hour. In addition, it can operate even faster and more convenient once the system is combined with the automation that handles wafers automatically. When using our tools in solar cell production lines, the manufacturing cost will be lowered dramatically copmared to that of competitors owing to the high throughput, high yield, efficient gas consumption, and low maintenance cost of the NCD equipment.

Based on these advantages and excellence, Lucida GS Series will be the essential and international system which applies ALD process for manufacturing high efficiency solar cells in the future.

NCD’s rapid growth is expected this year because of this contract considers the green light for bulk orders. NCD does continuous efforts to be the world best and professional company leading advanced ALD technologies.

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