Thursday, October 20, 2016

Workshop on Hybrid Materials by ALD / MLD & Iberian ALD

The workshop on hybrid materials by ALD or MLD on January 23-25 in San Sebastian (Spain) aims at bringing together researchers and industry that are already active or intend to launch activities in this research field. It will serve as a presentation and discussion platform, hopefully sparking new collaborations and business opportunities. In addition to the main scope of the workshop, we will dedicate a session to ALD or MLD activities on the Iberian Peninsula.
Co-chairs and local hosts:
  • Prof. Mato Knez
  • Dr. Mercedes Vila Juárez

Additional local hosts: 
  • Itxasne Azpitarte Iraculis
  • Mikel Beltrán Hernández
  • Julene Lure Berregui
See the website for details:


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