Friday, October 28, 2016

Beneq News - Smart phones, Electronics and ALD Displays for Extreme Conditions

Smart ALD Phones
According to recent industry news, smartphone market leaders, such as Apple, Samsung and LG, are planning to adopt ALD-based encapsulation for flexible displays. It shows the potential of atomic layer deposition in addressing consumer product challenges and means a huge leap forward in the addressable market size of ALD. Read more
Long Live Electronics
ALD barrier films are ultrathin, pinhole-free and totally conformal. They can provide a billion times better a moisture barrier than the common alternatives. It is also possible to outsource the production of moisture barriers to Beneq Coating Services, if you want to get the best available protection without initial capital investments. Read more
ALD in Extreme Conditions
Industrial use of ALD started over 30 years ago in Espoo, Finland, in the Home of ALD, the factory which today is the Beneq headquarters. World’s first ALD-based commercial products were electroluminescent displays. The ALD use case of our Lumineq displays is in many ways quite extraordinary. Read More
High-throughput spatial ALD and optical NIR filters
If you missed the Beneq presentations in ALD2016, you can get them from our blog: Large-area spatial ALD coating equipment for Zn buffers for solar cells, OLED encapsulation, glass coating, and rear-surface passivation, and a case study about an optical NIR (near infrared) filter on the inner wall of a glass cylinder. Download posters

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