Thursday, July 21, 2016

Ultratech CNT in Dublin at ALD2016 presenting latest work on Superconductivity, SAMS Area-Selective ALD (ASD), Molybdenum Nitride and product developments

The Platinum Sponsor, supporting over 450 ALD research systems worldwide, will bring its science team to the ALD conference to present latest work and discuss leading edge application developments with delegates. Available at booth #15 and presenting as follows.

Plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition of molybdenum nitride
Adam Bertuch*1, Brent Keller2, Ganesh Sundaram1, Jeffrey Grossman2
1Ultratech - Cambridge NanoTech, USA, 2Department of Material Science and Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Tuesday 26 July:  Plasma-enhanced deposition and etching  -  Tuesday 26 July 15:45-17:15
Controlling smoothness of thin platinum ALD films
Ritwik Bhatia*1, Ralf Heilmann2, Alexander Bruccoleri3, Brandon Chalifoux2
1Ultratech-Cambridge Nanotech, USA, 2Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, 3Izentis LLC, USA
Wednesday 27 JULY:  Noble metals  -  Wednesday 27 July 08:15-10:15
Plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition of superconducting NbN films
Mark Sowa*1, Yonas Yemane2, J Provine3, Fritz Prinz4
1Ultratech/CNT, USA, 2Stanford University, Department of Applied Physics, USA, 3Stanford University, Department of Electrical Engineering, USA, 4Stanford University, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Department of Materials Science and Engineering, USA
Tuesday 26 July:  Poster session 2  -  Tuesday 26 July 17:15-19:00

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