Monday, July 11, 2016

ALD 2016 panel discussion atomic-level processing

At this years ALD Confernce in Ireland there will be a panel discusion a panel discussion on the future of atomic-level processing for European manufacturing, and in the global context. The discussion is co-hosted by the HERALD COST Action, but all are welcome to attend and put their questions to the panellists. 

As important background information you are all very much welcome to download the white paper "The future of atomic level processing" written by Simon Elliott, Co-Chair of ALD2016 and initiator and Chair of the HERALD COST Action.
Executive Summary
Atomic-level control of materials processing will be needed in the semiconductor industry within the next 5-10 years, and will be a powerful enabling technology for other high-tech manufacturing sectors. This will be possible if atomic-level precision can be achieved with the traditional fabrication steps – deposition, patterning and etching. There is therefore a strong need for coordinated research now into how the current concept of atomic layer deposition may be developed into selective-area patterning and atomically controlled etching.

White Paper download: LINK

The panel will be moderated by Jonas Sundqvist, co-chair of ALD2016 and the current panel members are:
  • Dr. Suvi Haukka, ASM Microchemistry, Finland
  • Dr. David Thompson, Applied Materials, USA
  • Dr. Jean-Marc Girard, Air Liquide, France
  • Prof. Mikko Ritala, University of Helsinki, Finland
  • Prof. Fred Roozeboom, Eindhoven University of Technology / TNO - Solliance, The Netherlands"


Chair: Jonas Sundqvist (
Link: LINK

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