Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Ultratech Cambridge Nanotech Enter Into JDP With IMEC To Study Area-Selective Deposition Technology

SAN JOSE, Calif., June 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Ultratech, Inc. (Nasdaq: UTEK), a leading supplier of lithography, laser­ processing and inspection systems used to manufacture semiconductor devices and high-brightness LEDs (HB­ LEDs), as well as atomic layer deposition (ALD) systems, announced that its Cambridge Nanotech business unit Ultratech-CNT has entered into a Joint Development Program (JDP) with IMEC in the field of Area-Selective Deposition (ASD) technology. The ASD project will concentrate on the study and use of Self-Assembled Monolayers (SAMs) as a means of functionalizing surfaces to selectively inhibit ALD-grown films. Ultratech-CNT's Savannah S300 ALD system will be used for this project to explore the use of SAMs and ALD films on 300-mm wafers using a single platform. 

Laurent Lecordier, Ph.D., senior research scientist at Ultratech-CNT, has been active in research that combines SAMs and ALD. According to Lecordier, "The broader implications of this technology suggest that we will not only be able to address the field of ASD, but we will also be able to make positive contributions in industrially-relevant areas, such as low-k pore filling, work function modifications, and surface energy tuning. With the JDP in place, I am very much looking forward to participating in this work, which has garnered strong industrial and academic interest."

Given the large potential for producing disruptive applications using the combined SAMs and ALD system, (including ASD, low-k pore filling, work function modifications, surface energy tuning, and novel materials growth), Ultratech-CNT believes this collaborative program will yield high impact results.

Savannah S300 ALD System
The Savannah family of ALD systems (S100, S200, S300) has become the preferred system for university researchers worldwide engaged in ALD and looking for an affordable yet robust platform. With a wide array of process oriented options, such as low vapor pressure precursor delivery, and plasma, along with a range of real-time analytical options such as in-situ ellipsometry, in-situ quartz crystal microbalance, and mass spectrometry -- the Savannah enables the serious researcher to deposit and study a broad spectrum of single and multi-component ALD films and Self-assembled Monolayers. With over 1000 peer-reviewed journal publications referencing its ALD systems, Ultratech-CNT's ALD instruments maintain a leading position as the tools-of-choice among active researchers.

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