Tuesday, June 14, 2016

2016 Growth Expected - Gas Landscape Shifting

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2016 Growth Expected:
Gas Landscape Shifting
     The 2016 Gas Market is expected to total $3.9 billion, growing ~7% from 2015, as stated in the recently released Critical Materials Report on Electronic Gases by TECHCET. Changes in the market dictate shifts in supplier share, as highlighted in the report, along side supply & demand concerns relating to NF3, WF6, He, Ne, etc.

    Over the next five years, China is investing ~$100B, in attempts to develop a vertically integrated electronics industry.  The "end game" is to make China self-sufficient with regard to every portion of the electronics supply chain, including materials.  This is already having a significant impact on foreign companies trying to do business in China. Details on the China Materials Supply Chain and Competitive Issues can be found in TECHCET's 2016 Critical Materials Reports
     The N
eon Shortage is the hot topic of the year, with both supply and demand issues causing great concern. The shortage is forecasted to last the next 5-7 years, mostly due to the delay in implementing EUV lithography into commercialization. Details can be found in TECHCET's 2016 Neon Supply and Demand Report.
     The neon shortage has pushed DUV laser manufacturers, Cymer and Gigaphoton, to develop neon reduction strategies to help their customers. These will help, however, they will not be enough to curtail the upcoming shortage.         
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