Saturday, June 25, 2016

Development of safe and durable high-temperature lithium-sulfur batteries by ALD

(From Nanowerk News) Safety has always been a major concern for electric vehicles, especially preventing fire and explosion incidents with the best possible battery technologies. Lithium-sulfur batteries are considered as the most promising candidate for EVs due to their ultra-high energy density, which is over 5 times the capacity of standard commercial Li-ion batteries. This high density makes it possible for electric vehicles to travel longer distances without stopping for a charge. 
Scheme of MLD alucone coated C-S electrode and cycle performance of stabilized high temperature Li-S batteries. (Figure from Nanowerk News)

However, batteries operating at the high temperatures necessary in electric vehicles presents a safety challenge, as fire and other incidents become more likely.

Prof. Andy Xueliang Sun and his University of Western Ontario research team, in collaboration with Dr. Yongfeng Hu and Dr. Qunfeng Xiao from the Canadian Light Source, have developed safe and durable high-temperature Li-S batteries using by a new coating technique called molecular layer deposition (MLD) technology for the first time. This research has been published in Nano Letters ("Safe and Durable High-Temperature Lithium–Sulfur Batteries via Molecular Layer Deposited Coating").

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