Thursday, May 15, 2014

Arradiance Introduces GEMstar XT-P™, the First Benchtop PEALD System for Research

As ALD Pulse reports : Arradiance® Introduces Their GEMstar XT-P™, the First Benchtop Thermal and Plasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition System for Research . The next generation GEMStar XT-P™ provides enhanced thermal and plasma ALD capabilities for cutting-edge nanoscale materials deposition.
GEMStar XT-P incorporates a fully functional, remote ICP plasma enhanced ALD capability which enables a broader range of precursor chemistries and ALD films at lower deposition temperatures. The 13.56 MHz plasma source is very compact and air cooled, operating at up to 300 Watts power with an automated matching network. GEMStar XT-P comes standard with three MFC controlled plasma gas lines and one MFC controlled carrier gas line for uniformly depositing even the most challenging oxides, nitrides and metals.
"Arradiance manufacture Benchtop Atomic Layer Deposition(ALD) Process Systems for a variety of applications. Our systems are designed to deposit uniform, defect free resistive and emissive coatings, even deep inside high aspect ratio (HAR) structures such as Microchannel Plates, Channel Electron Multipliers and Particles. High quality films with ultra-high aspect ratios are key features of our systems." (Source

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