Monday, May 5, 2014

Denton Vacuum introduces Exilis 1 ALD system

As reported today: Denton Vacuum LLC, a leading manufacturer of thin film technology products, has announced the introduction of Exilis 1, a new atomic layer deposition (ALD) system that will deliver breakthrough results for users in the research, aerospace, optics, semiconductor, and medical communities.
DV Model CF-102 ALD Process Chamber (cross-flow thermal). Configured for stand-alone operation or as a Denton Vacuum cluster tool module. Plasma source upgrade will become available in the future (Source Data Sheet).
"We've talked to ALD system users all over the world, and they are not happy with what's now available on the market," said Vince McGinty, president and CEO of Denton Vacuum. "Many commercially available ALD systems are limited in capability, while others have proven to be maintenance nightmares, with such simple tasks as chamber cleaning, precursor loading and valve changes turning into complex events that lead to extended, even indeterminate downtime.
"Adding to this," McGinty continued, "users in the corporate community often find that systems designed for research and development bear no resemblance to systems designed for manufacturing-scale activities. Exilis 1 addresses these issues, with broader capability, improved productivity and maintainability, and direct paths to production scale-up."
Denton Vacuum's Exilis 1 brings new capability in several key areas, including:
  • Multi-wafer and 3D component capability.
  • Expanded process chamber adaptability (remote plasma source, a vacuum load lock, and even integration into a Denton cluster tool).
  • An automated load/unload arm that enables immediate, safe removal of hot substrates from the process chamber.
  • Reliable and quick replacement of precursor canisters and ALD valves (the hard-mounted, easy-access manifold incorporates an internal heater assembly, enabling canister or ALD valve changes in less than ten minutes).
For more information regarding Denton's new ALD offering, click here or dwnload the data sheet here.

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