Saturday, March 22, 2014

Jusung signed a Space Divided Plasma (SDP) system equipment supply contract with SK Hynix

According to a press release from "Jusung Engineering announced on March 20 that it signed a Space Divided Plasma (SDP) system equipment supply contract with SK Hynix. The purpose of this new technology is to respond to next-generation semiconductor device manufacturing processes. The contract makes the first case in which the system is applied to mass production lines."
"The SDP system constitutes a part of the atomic layer deposition (ALD) process, which is a key of semiconductor production, and has novel features such as nitridation, oxidation, doping, and film treatment as well as insulating film deposition, conductive film deposition and high k film deposition. Jusung’s equipment is characterized by being capable of overcoming the damage that plasma and high temperatures can do to semiconductor devices while forming the best film quality even at a low temperature. This can contribute to the development and manufacturing of advanced semiconductor devices and easier repair and maintenance of the equipment itself. The SDP system supplied to SK Hynix at this time is a metal film deposition apparatus in particular. It is low resistance and can reduce the electrode resistance value by at least 50 percent compared to existing ones."
The Jusung Cyclone chambers has a 5 wafer rotating heater stage and can operate in Spatial ALD as well as pulsed CVD mode enhancing the troughput considerably for many 3D and thicker film ALD applications. Some examples are High-k, silicon oxide for double patterning and metal electrodes such as TiN. That is why this technology has had success in DRAM industry (Qimonda [R.I.P.], Winbond, SK Hynix, ...) More information from Jusung web on the Jusung Cyclone+ plattform can be found here.

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