Saturday, March 1, 2014

French ALD Equipment supplier Encapsulix has shipped a deposition system to a leading OLED lighting supplier in Europe

The french ALD Equipment supplier Encapsulix based in Aix-en-Provence has announced that a Gen-2.5 deposition system has been shipped to a "leading OLED lighting supplier in Europe".Encapsulix announced tin October 2013 hat they received such an order and this should then be the shippment - congratulations!
"Encapsulix announced today the sale of an Infinity(tm) 500 manufacturing equipment to a leading OLED lighting manufacturer for Atomic Layer Deposition Encapsulation.
The Infinitytm 500 has been developed utilizing Encapsulix’s patented & proprietary Atomic Layer Deposition technology. The Infinitytm 500 product family deposits barrier and encapsulation films on substrates up to 500mm x 400mm and is the work horse for Gen2 OLED applications. The order received from a leading OLED lighting manufacturer is scheduled to be delivered end of 2013. The system provides the best ultrabarrier performance and cost of ownership for the manufacturing of OLED devices. The Infinitytm 1000 for Gen5 and 5.5 will be introduced in 2014 along with the Infinity tm Flex500 and 1000 for flexible organic substrates and rolls."
According to the information on the webpage the inovation in Encapsulix ALD technology lays in an assembly of modular precursor dosers and gas injectors that behave as a monolithic “unit”
Picture from a patent : Gas injection device with uniform gas velocity US 20130019978 A1
  • Assemble application-specific systems based on common technology bricks
  • Factor of 5-100 throughput increase through massive parallel deployment
  • Commonality in hardware, Process between R&D, Prototype, Manufacturing

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