Friday, March 31, 2017

Forge Nano scaling up ALD on particles to metric tons level

ALD on particles and powder is a very promising next thing to shoot ahead in ALD. While many are focusing on flexible OLED barriers an backside solar cell passivation I am betting ALD on powder will take over some day - there is just much more surface area powder being shipped than windows, panels & displays (I think...) and those are flat while particles are 3D with high surface area -typical ALD arguments.

According to a recent newsletter from the Forge Nano, formerly known as PneumatiCoat Technologies, they have raised $20 million in Series A Funding. This has allowed them to move into a new 12,000 square foot facility in Louisville Colorado and scale up their 200 kg / day pilot plant to a new 1000 kg / day Semi-Continuous ALD particle coating tool.

As if that´s not amazing enough - they report to be on schedule to complete a next generation tool to a capacity to several tons per day.  

Here you can read an excellent blog with all the references you need by Prof. Weimer in Riikka´s ALD History Blog "Guest post by Weimer: Early History of Particle ALD at the University of Colorado" : LINK
Pleas also do check out these fresh new US Patents and some of the cited publications :

US9,546,424 (ALD Semi-Continuous Particle Coating Process)
US9,284,643 (ALD Semi-Continuous Particle Coating Apparatus)


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