Tuesday, April 4, 2017

CMC2017 - Critical Materials Conference - UPDATE!

Critical Materials Conference - UPDATE
7 Days Left to Register at Earlybird Rate!

This year's Critical Materials Conference features: 
  • Hans Stork, Sr. VP of Technology and CTO of ONSemiconductor, presenting
    • "Current and Future Challenges of Materials & Manufacturing"
New Speakers Added:  
  • Nora Colligan, Principal Engineer, Materials Technology, Samsung Semiconductor, presenting 
    • "Impact of Critical Material Needs on Advanced Nodes"
  • Alister MacDonald, General Manager, ALCANE, presenting
    • "Hafnium & Zirconium Raw Materials & the Global Supply-Chain"
  • More than 20 powerful & actionable presentations, and a highly differentiated program, with networking opportunities for all attendees. 

    Atomic Level Processing, Supply Chain, Market, and Material Control for Leading Egde by: Oliver Briel - Umicore, Daron Juradja - Brewer Science. Eric A. Joseph - IBM, Robert D. Clark - Tokyo Electron, Jonas Sundqvist - TECHCET/Fraunhofer IKTS and Vani Thirumala - Intel

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Conference Vision 

The Critical Materials Conference Committee seeks to provide you with information and an experience that you can use now and for future planning. The CMC Conference provides a structured framework to catalyze the flow of "actionable" technical and supply chain information related to critical materials. 

Themes of the Conference are centered around the needs of the Critical Materials Council and the global IC fabrication industry. While executive conferences typically focus on the "what" and "why" of materials technologies, this conference will discuss "how" new materials can be controllably, safely, and cost-effectively used in fabs. The Conference will also include market data to validate "when" materials will be needed. Attendees from fabs, OEMs, and materials suppliers alike will have the opportunity to interact with the presenters and colleagues, to gain insights into best-practices of the entire supply-chain.

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