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SEMICON Europa 2023: A Deep Dive into ALD Technology for Wafer Fab Equipment in the More-than-Moore Era

Last week at SEMICON Europa, at the ALD Tech Day Organized by Beneq, Yole Group presented a comprehensive analysis on ALD technology for More-than-Moore (MtM) devices, focusing on its impact and future in the wafer fab equipment market. The presentation titled "Atomic Layer Deposition for More-than-Moore Devices in a Perspective of the Wafer Fab Equipment Market" offered valuable insights into the current trends and future directions of this pivotal technology.

The Growing Importance of ≤200 mm Wafers

A focal point of the discussion was the ≤200 mm wafer size, a segment that remains crucial in the semiconductor industry despite the surge in larger wafer sizes. The presentation highlighted the market size, chipmaker revenue, and capacity expansion specifically for this category. It emphasized that while the industry continues to evolve technologically, the demand for ≤200 mm wafers remains robust, accounting for a significant portion of the market.

Semiconductor Device Revenue Projections

Yole Group presented a detailed forecast for semiconductor device revenue, segmenting it by device type. They projected a CAGR of approximately 4.5%, expecting the overall market to reach around $850 billion by 2030. Within this, MtM devices are anticipated to contribute significantly, estimated at about $270 billion, indicating the growing relevance of these devices in the semiconductor landscape.

CapEx 200 mm Accelerates in Coming 5-Years - In 2023, the CapEx for 200mm wafer processing stood at $37 billion, representing 15% of the total device revenue of $252 billion. The slide forecasts an increase in CapEx to 17% of revenue by 2025, followed by an expected decrease to more sustainable levels by 2028. An impending demand for more Wafer Fab Equipment (WFE) for 200mm processing. Importantly, a significant opportunity for the introduction of ALD technologies in fabrication facilities, driven by the growth of compound semiconductors. This suggests a strategic shift in the industry, emphasizing the expanding role of ALD technology.

Capital Expenditure Trends and ALD Market Dynamics

The presentation also shed light on the capital expenditure (CapEx) trends in the industry, particularly for 200 mm wafer processing. With CapEx projected to increase to 17% of the revenue by 2025, a subsequent trend towards more sustainable levels by 2028 was also anticipated. This trend underscores the expanding market and the need for more Wafer Fab Equipment (WFE), presenting a substantial opportunity for the growth of ALD technologies.

Atomic Layer Deposition: Meeting Industry Needs

The analysis delved deeply into the ALD market, discussing how this technology is evolving to meet the changing demands of the semiconductor industry. It was pointed out that ALD technology is not just adapting but also driving significant advancements, particularly in the context of MtM devices.

From the presentation by Yole Group focuses on the use of ALD in power devices, emphasizing its role in enhancing device performance through precise interface control. The need for specialized ALD equipment, capable of handling multiple processes and materials, including thermal and plasma ALD with various precursors. ALD applications are found in in Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Gallium Nitride (GaN) devices, covering aspects like passivation, substrate creation, and buffer layers. While ALD is still in R&D for GaN High Electron Mobility Transistors (HEMT), it is already being used for SiC Trench and Planar MOSFETs in encapsulation and gate dielectrics, signaling its growing importance in semiconductor manufacturing.

Industry Challenges and Opportunities

The challenges and opportunities within the semiconductor industry were a crucial part of the discussion. The presentation addressed the current supply chain dynamics, technological innovations, and market trends that are shaping the adoption and development of ALD technology.


The presentation at SEMICON Europa provided a lucid and detailed perspective on the ALD technology in the context of the wafer fab equipment market. With a focus on ≤200 mm wafer size, it painted a comprehensive picture of the current market scenarios, future trends, and the pivotal role of ALD technology in shaping the future of semiconductor manufacturing. As the industry continues to evolve, the insights from this presentation will undoubtedly influence strategic decisions and technological advancements in the semiconductor sector.

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