Tuesday, February 6, 2018

ASD 2018 Call for Abstracts Deadline Extended to March 5

Call for Abstracts
Extended to March 5, 2018

The principal chemical processes and mechanisms that enable Area Selective Deposition (ASD) are rapidly becoming critical in several areas of materials and technological advancement. Most notably, the semiconductor industry will likely need new ASD processes to enable “chemical alignment” to complement traditional physical alignment (i.e. lithography) to allow transistors to scale to less than 10 nm dimensions. Other fields are also exploring chemical selectivity in materials to achieve precise targeted performance. Catalytic materials, for example, which are commonly employed to promote chemically selective reactions, are now being designed and constructed using site-selective deposition reactions. In addition, the growing complexity of energy generation and storage materials are also driving the need for new site- or area-selective processes to control heterogeneous material structures.

To share advances in these areas, the 3rd Area Selective Deposition Workshop (ASD 2018), will be held on April 29 – May 1, 2018, at North Carolina State University in Raleigh North Carolina USA. The Workshop will bring together leading international scientists and engineers from academia and industry from all regions to share results and insights into: 1) fundamental principles and barriers to area selective deposition; 2) technological needs and challenges of ASD; 3) new chemical approaches and processes to address the expanding needs; and 4) surface characterization techniques and metrology innovation for ASD.

Based on successful workshops at the Eindhoven University of Technology in 2017 and at IMEC in Leuven Belgium in 2016, ASD 2018 will consist of two days of presentations and discussions, preceded by a welcome reception at North Carolina State University on April 29. The program will include a series of invited and contributed speakers, a panel discussion, as well as a poster session reception on the evening of April 30.

·    Chemical selectivity in surface reactions
·    Mechanisms and surface-dependent thin film nucleation and growth
·    Surface passivation for controlled nucleation and growth
·    Patterned deposition resists, including organic monolayers, for selective deposition
·    Chemical activation for nucleation enhancement
·    Selectivity in thin film etching, including atomic layer etching (ALE)
·    Processes and mechanisms for area-selective chemical vapor deposition (CVD)
·    Processes and mechanisms area-selective atomic layer deposition (ALD)
·    Metrology for Area-Selective Deposition
·    Applications for area-selective deposition in electronics manufacturing
·    Applications for area-selective processing in catalysis, energy generation and storage, and other emerging areas
·    Surface characterization techniques for defects formation and mitigation
·    Rohan Akolkar, Case Western University, USA
·    Silvia Armini, IMEC, Belgium
·    Sean Barry, Carlton University, Canada
·    Yves Chabal, University of Texas, Dallas, USA
·    Steve George, University of Colorado at Boulder, USA
·    Jessica Kachian, Applied Materials, USA
·    Joerg Lahann, University of Michigan, USA
·    Junling Lu, University of Science & Technology of China, China
·    Adrie Makus, Eindhoven Technical University, The Netherlands
·    Chuck Winter, Wayne State University, USA

Panel Discussion:
As area selective deposition becomes critical for multiple uses, loss of selectivity and defect formation continue to be obstacles to practical implementation. New surface characterization and metrologies are needed for better mechanistic understanding of defect formation and mitigation. This panel will bring experts from academia, industry and consortia to discuss these challenges and potential solution paths.

Key Deadlines:
Abstract Submission Deadline Extended to: March 5, 2018
Author Acceptance Notifications: March 26, 2018
Early Registration Deadline: April 6, 2018
Hotel Reservation Deadline: April 6, 2018

Program Chair

Gregory Parsons
North Carolina, State Univ., USA
Organizing Committee

Adrie Mackus
Eindhoven University of Technology,
The Netherlands (ASD 2017 Chair)

Annelies Delabie
IMEC, Belgium (ASD 2016 Chair)

Dennis Hausmann
Lam Research, USA

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