Sunday, February 28, 2016

Brooks Automation CEO Stephen Schwartz see ALD growth for 10 nm

According to a recent Earnings call with Brooks Automation CEO Stephen Schwartz they see growth for 10 nm and ALD. Many ALD OMEs uses Brooks vacuum robotics to cluster their wafer based ALD process chambers, Two such examples are Jusung Engineering and Picosun.

It is also interesting and for sure also fantastic to see how ALD is often reported as its own business segment these days. Here is a good example on how Brooks Automation segments the market to Deposition, Etch and ALD. PVD and CVD is just bunched together into deposition with sol-gel and other - those guys are just not cutting edge anymore.

Brooks Automation, Inc.'s (BRKS) CEO Stephen Schwartz on Q1 2016 Results - Earnings Call Transcript (Seeking Alpha, available here) :

“We forecast growth in March driven by the same products and design wins that propelled us in 2015. Processes like Deposition, Etch and ALD which utilize our vacuum automation technology have exploded due to the numerous three dimensional device structures that have taken over leading-edge memory and logic designs and we are in the center of this space.”

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