Wednesday, April 9, 2014

ALD Assisted Pattern Multiplication of Block Copolymer for 5 nm Scale Nanopatterning

I fresh publication from KAIST and Pusan National University in Korea on pattern multiplication a.k.a. double or multiple patterning using ALD realizing 5nm(!!!) scale patterning.
Atomic Layer Deposition Assisted Pattern Multiplication of Block Copolymer Lithography for 5 nm Scale Nanopatterning

Hyoung-Seok Moon, Ju Young Kim, Hyeong Min Jin, Woo Jae Lee, Hyeon Jin Choi, Jeong Ho Mun, Young Joo Choi, Seung Keun Cha, Se Hun Kwon, and Sang Ouk Kim.

Advanced Functional Materials, Article first published online: 4 APR 2014 DOI: 10.1002/adfm.201304248

Abstract: 5-nm-scale line and hole patterning is demonstrated by synergistic integration of block copolymer (BCP) lithography with atomic layer deposition (ALD). While directed self-assembly of BCPs generates highly ordered line array or hexagonal dot array with the pattern periodicity of 28 nm and the minimum feature size of 14 nm, pattern density multiplication employing ALD successfully reduces the pattern periodicity down to 14 nm and minimum feature size down to 5 nm. Self-limiting ALD process enable the low temperature, conformal deposition of 5 nm thick spacer layer directly at the surface of organic BCP patterns. This ALD assisted pattern multiplication addresses the intrinsic thermodynamic limitations of low χ BCPs for sub-10-nm scale downscaling. Moreover, this approach offers a general strategy for scalable ultrafine nanopatterning without burden for multiple overlay control and high cost lithographic tools.

SEM images of metal oxide films deposited onto BCP nanotemplate surfaces by ALD at various deposition temperatures (from supporting information WILEY-VCA Verlag).

SEM images of Al2O3 thin films deposited on BCP templates by ALD. Thickness of Al2O3 film is 5 nm. Deposition temperatures were (a) 150 C and (b) 130 C, respectively (from supporting information WILEY-VCA Verlag)


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