Monday, April 7, 2014

Canatu transparent conductive carbon based CNB™ Flex Film for touch displays

According to a press release: During the 24th FINETECH JAPAN, 16th – 18th April 2014 in Tokyo Japan, Canatu will exhibit and introduce its transparent conductive CNB™ Flex Film which is optimized for flexible, curved or wearable touch devices and displays. Canatu also introduces its latest 3D formed and in-molded transparent CNB™ touch sensors that will unleash design possibilities for new creative industrial designs.

Check out the videos below for an explanation on more details, including the roll-to-roll Direct Dry Printing® (DDP) process which allows direct synthesis and patterned deposition of  NanoBud® films on any substrate material
The next big thing in touch technology is flexibility and 3D forms. Flexible and 3D shaped touch displays and surfaces are expected to become mainstream within the next 2-5 years. This trend is driving the need for high quality multi-touch sensors that can be freely bent, formed, twisted and rolled.

This new genre of touch devices will change the face of consumer electronics! Canatu’s ground-breaking technology enables high performance touch sensors for complex flexible and 3D shaped touch-enabled electronics devices and provides consumer electronics and automotive industry with long-awaited design freedom.
During the 24th FINETECH Japan we are proud to introduce our transparent conductive CNB™ Flex Film optimized for flexible, foldable, curved or wearable touch displays and touch devices.
CNB™ Flex Film belongs to Canatu’s CNB™ Film product family consisting of transparent conductive CNB™ Hi-Contrast Film optimized for flat projected capacitive touch devices, CNB™ Flex Film optimized for wearable, flexible and foldable touch-enabled electronics devices and CNB™ In-Mold Film which is targeted for 3D capacitive touch surfaces in smart watches, white goods control panels, automobile centre consoles and dashboards, connected user interface devices, and mobile phones. CNB™ In-Mold Film is stretchable up to 100% and can be thermoformed and overmolded with standard industrial processes such as Film Insert Molding (FIM) or In-Mold Decoration (IMD).
We will also showcase our latest demonstrators for 3D formed and in-molded transparent CNB™ touch sensors. The demonstrators prove that CNB™ sensors can be used in arbitrary 3D shapes and in touch applications that require high bending angles, sharp edges and deep stretch.
Canatu is a leading developer and manufacturer of transparent conductive films and touch sensors for an entirely new class of touch applications. Canatu’s transparent conductive films and touch sensors are based on a new type of carbon nanomaterial (Carbon NanoBud®), and a new, single-step manufacturing process combining aerosol synthesis of NanoBud® material and Roll-to-Roll deposition by Direct Dry Printing®. Canatu offers consumer electronics companies increasing design freedom with its innovative technologies.

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