Saturday, March 25, 2017

Hidden Gems in the IEEE IRDS Reports and Roadmaps for ALD Folks!

This is an announcement to the ALD Folks - please be informed that the hidden gem a.k.a. the good stuff or ALD precursors are reported on in the Yield Enhancement Report and the classical "ITRS Roadmap" can be found in the More Moor Report. Please carry on with the next Super High-k, GAA FETs and 2D Materials Research!

Please also if you have input for the ALD precursor parts let me know and I will bring it up when some of us meet next time at the CMC Conference 11-12 May.

IRDS Reports

Below are links to the downloadable whitepapers.  Materials are to be shared among our industry friends. Thank you for citing the IRDS when using any materials!
This list will be updated as other IRDS whitepapers become available.

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