Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Beneq release productivity data for their new 200 mm ALD Batch tool T2S

Today Beneq released productivity data for their new 200 mm ALD Batch tool T2S.

Beneq Blog: Better ROI with automated high-capacity ALD tools

Beneq T2S capacity with various different materials and thicknesses. (

Automated batch wafer equipment for high volume manufacturing

Beneq T2S™ is the newest member in Beneq’s wafer-based production equipment portfolio. It offers a unique combination of high capacity batch processing and standard cassette-to-cassette automation. The Beneq T2S is specifically engineered to match the semiconductor requirements, including the SEMI S2 safety requirements and low particle counts. 

Beneq T2S is perfectly suited for high volume manufacturing in various wafer-based applications, including MEMS, LED, OLED, ink-jet print heads and more. The thermal batch ALD process of Beneq T2S is ideal for oxide and nitride processes used for dielectric, conductor, barrier and passivation purposes.

Process details:
  • Up to 200mm wafers in diameter
  • Max 50 wafers per hour
  • Face-down and face-up processing options

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