Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Beneq reports on record-breaking black silicon solar cells

Beneq reports that their equipment has been used in the creation of record-breaking black silicon solar cells, and we have over the years been involved in many projects developing high power solar cells. Lately, we have been working mostly with rear surface passivation of solar cells.

PERC solar cells are a type of high efficiency solar cells where the electron gain of the cell is improved with a passivating film on the rear side of the cell structure. The complete term is Passivated Emitter Rear Cell. The PERC manufacturing technology has become more mature and cost effective, and PERC cells are now causing a buzz in the industry.
In a recent article, 20.8% industrial PERC solar cell: ALD Al2O3 rear surface passivation, efficiency loss mechanisms analysis and roadmap to 24%, which was published in Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, the authors present a cost-efficient PERC roadmap at industrial level. In the paper, key processes of ozone based ALD Al2O3 rear surface passivation are presented, resulting in 20.8% PERC cells made with an industrial process. The equipment used in the study was Beneq’s P800 industrial ALD reactor. 

Full Story in Beneq Blog: LINK

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