Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Grow Low Temperature Nitrides by Atomic Layer Deposition Without Plasma

Unique Hydrazine formulation and package enables HAR and 3D film studies for Laboratories

At ALD Lab Saxony we have excellent previous experience with employing the RASIRC technology for dry hydrogen peroxide delivery in High-k ALD processes for PV and Logic applications. That is why we are very happy to announce that RASIRC from San Diego, California will be sponsoring, attending and exhibiting at ALD for Industry 17-18th of January in Dresden Germany. This is an excellent opportunity to meet RASIRC and learn about their latest product release for safe and effective delivery of hydrazine for Atomic Level Processing. Please find the product fact sheet below.

RASIRC BRUTE® Hydrazine - Laboratory Version is specifically designed for universities and research institutes in development of Atomic Layer Deposition and Etch (ALD and ALE) processes with compressed thermal budgets. Hydrazine molecules can enable low temperature metal nitridation, opening up many potential avenues for advancements in High Aspect Ratio (HAR) and three dimensional structures grown via ALD and ALE.

“This new vaporizer package should enable researchers to investigate low temperature thermal nitride processes without a large budget.” - Jeff Spiegelman President and CEO of RASIRC.

Scientists working with TiNx, TaNx, SiNx, WNx, Platinum, Palladium, Cobalt or other new materials can benefit from using BRUTE Hydrazine. Additional benefits may be found from the generation of radical hydrogen and limited etching and surface cleaning effects. 

Figure 1: BRUTE Hydrazine (50ml). Based on RASIRC Drawing #202268

BRUTE Hydrazine delivers water-free hydrazine gas (N2H4) to process in a controlled, repeatable manner. Preloaded in a non-volatile solvent, the Brute Hydrazine chemistry is packaged in a single use vaporizer (Figure 1) with metal seals, making hydrazine gas simple to connect and deliver. 

Benefits of the Laboratory Version 

  • Sized for universities and research labs
  • Improved safety—RASIRC patent pending solvent delivery system raises the flash point
  • Simple plug-and-play design with a single connection to the vaporizer
  • Direct vacuum draw
  • Manual operation
  • Less chemistry than industrial ampoules, improving safety
  • Low cost
  • Smaller footprint

BRUTE Hydrazine Applications

BRUTE Hydrazine can be used for a wide range of low temperature processes including ALD, ALE, MOCVD and nitride materials development:
  • Contact barrier and other memory applications using TiN and TaNx
  • Precursor for TiN gate stack and other transistor applications
  • Sidewall spacer/etch stop (SiNx) between metals and silicon or dielectric materials
  • Multiple patterning involving SiO2 and SiNx
  • Selective deposition and etch involving metal nitrides and SiO2
  • SiGe passivation involving SiNx, SiOxNy and BN
  • Metal nitride deposition (WNx)
  • Low temperature metal oxide reduction for metal ALD (Co, Cu, Pd, Pt)
  • Atomic removal of surface carbon

Enables New Material

Plasma and ammonia-based methods fail to meet next generation process requirements for lower thermal budgets and ability to act deep within high aspect ratio or 3D structures.
  • Plasma cannot uniformly coat the sidewalls of high aspect ratio structures and can cause surface damage
  • Ammonia (NH3) has limited reactivity at low process temperatures, which leads to poor film quality
  • Standard High Purity Hydrazine has measurable water that leads to oxygen incorporation in nitride films increasing film resistance
BRUTE Hydrazine solves these problems. 

Figure 2: Theoretical Vapor Pressure Curve of BRUTE Hydrazine

BRUTE Hydrazine Characteristics

  • Dry (less than 50 ppm H2O in the liquid source), resulting in minimal oxygen contamination
  • Higher reactivity than NH3, enabling lower temperature ALD applications (200-400°C)
  • Better penetration of high aspect ratio structures, creating uniform films

How it Works

BRUTE Hydrazine provides a stable, reliable flow of anhydrous hydrazine gas from a liquid source in a metal sealed vaporizer (Figure 1). The liquid source combines anhydrous hydrazine and a proprietary non-volatile solvent, significantly increasing the flashpoint. This makes the chemistry safer to handle than anhydrous hydrazine. To deliver hydrazine gas to process, vacuum is applied to the BRUTE Hydrazine vaporizer to evaporate liquid BRUTE Hydrazine to pure hydrazine, leaving the non-volatile solvent behind. The Theoretical Vapor Pressure Curve of BRUTE Hydrazine is given in Figure 2.

How to Order

To place an order for 50ml BRUTE Hydrazine contact RASIRC at and order P/N: 100784.

RASIRC specializes in products that generate and deliver gas to fabrication processes. Each unit is a dynamic gas plant in a box - converting common liquid chemistries into safer and more reliable gas flow for most processes. First to generate ultra-high purity (UHP) steam from de-ionized water, RASIRC technology can now also deliver hydrogen peroxide gas and hydrazine gas in controlled, repeatable concentrations. RASIRC gas delivery systems, humidifiers, and closed loop humidification systems are critical for many applications in semiconductor, photovoltaic, pharmaceutical, medical, biological, fuel cell, and power industries. 


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