Sunday, November 1, 2020

Plasma chemistry data and chemistry set optimisation approach for ALD/ALE modelling

Here is an interesting lecture on how to use QuantemolDB for ALD and ALE modelling for current and future experiments.

Take away from the lecture: 
  • Problems where simulations can help: 
    • How to increase radical density using process parameters like pressure, gas flow etc 
    • How to optimise surface to enhance presence of radicals 
  • Importance of having a minimal chemistry set but including all important species 
  • How to start with plasma chemistry design and modelling using website and free tools
This video was recorded for Workshop Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Etch/Atomic Layer Deposition at 73rd Annual Gaseous Electronics Virtual Conference, October 5–9, 2020; 

The conference link is here: 

The slides can be downloaded here: 

Sign up for to get started. The chemistry tutorial can be downloaded here:

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