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In 2-Weeks: 2019 CMC Conference Highlights ALD/CVD Market and Technology Trends

In 2-Weeks: 2019 CMC Conference Highlights ALD/CVD  Market and Technology Trends 

 The upcoming CMC Conference, April 25-26, in Saratoga Springs, New York, will feature the latest forecasts on market drivers, trade issues, and technical issues facing precursors and other global materials supply-chains.  As shown below, CAGR for metal precursors is expected to exceed 11% through 2021.  Technology and Market Trends on atomic layer deposition (ALD) and chemical vapor deposition (CVD) precursors for IC fabs will be presented and discussed at this year's conference.

The Emerging Session will include: 
  • Dr. Jonas Sundqvist, Sr. Technology Analyst of TECHCET and Group Leader of Fraunhofer Institute will be revealing TECHCET's "Market and Technology Trend Forecasts for ALD & CVD Metal and Dielectric Precursors." (Sample shown below.) 
  • Dr. Matthew Stephens, VP of Sales and Product Management for Air Liquide, will provide a presentation on "Economic Considerations of ALD Precursor Selection."
  • Dr. David Thompson, Managing Director of Chemistry for Applied Materials, will present on "Preparing Supply-Chains and Managing Risk for an Uncertain Future on Emerging Devices."

Deputy CTO & VP of Worldwide R&D, GlobalFoundries  
 "Materials Challenges & Opportunities in Differentiated Technologies" 

3-Dynamic Sessions:
  1. Global Materials Supply-Chain and Market Issues
  2. Immediate challenges of materials & manufacturing 
  3. Emerging materials in R&D and pilot fabrication
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The public CMC Conference follows private CMC face-to-face meetings to be held April 23-24, 2019 at GlobalFoundries in Malta, New York.

Look Who's Coming - leading fabs, equipment & materials companies:
·        Samsung
·        Texas Instruments
·        GlobalFoundries
·        TowerJazz Panasonic
·        KFMI
·        Fraunhofer
·        Wonik
·        Ereztech
·        Matheson/TNSC
·        Linde
·        Inpria
·        IMEC
·        VLSI Research
·        SACHEM
·        Niacet
·        Grikin
·        Aveni
·        Silar Labs
·        ATI Metals
·        Momentive
·  STMicroelectronics
·  ON Semiconductor
·  Broadcom
·  TEL Technology Cntr
·  Umicore
·  Kinik
·  Revera/Nova
·  Strem Chemicals
·  Grikin
·  ATI Metals
·  Cryoin
·  MGC Pure Chemicals
·  Electronic Fluorocarbons
·  ShinHao Materials
·  Applied Seals
·  Peroxychem
·  Messer
·  MPD Chemicals
·  Mott Filters

·        Intel
·        Micron
·        Cypress
·        3M
·        IBM
·        Entegris
·        Air Liquide
·        Versum Materials
·        Air Products
·        Greene Tweed
·        Eastman
·        GrandiT
·        Edwards Vacuum
·        Mega Fluid Systems
·        Zing Semiconductor
·        Schrodinger
·        Boulder Scientific
·        Johnson Matthey
·        Veeco
·        ...and More!

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