Thursday, November 1, 2018

Welcome To The World's First Open ALD Blog Platform: BALD Engineering Guest Blog

Are you willing to get recognition and attention in the ALD community? Do you hold ALD news, articles, presentations, podcasts, videos, conference/workshop/tutorial invitation or promotion in your pocket that you want to share with the ALD community?

Then, here is the world's best ALD platform: BALD Engineering Guest Blog. No matter at what stage you are in your career; this is for you if ALD or ALE is your cup of tea. Write your own blog and share your own content or interesting news on the BALD Engineering Guest Blog; also, feel free to promote it in your social media network.

Content Guidelines:

- Up to 1000 words, including html-links.
- Up to 3 images (without copyright violation).
- References as links or as DOI number for journal references.
Keep the most relevant and attention grabbing image at first as it will be the thumbnail picture for your post while sharing in your social media platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter).

Blog ending includes:

Guest blog by [first name] [last name], [affiliation] (optional)
Location: [city], [country]
Web page: (optional)
LinkedIn link: (optional)
Twitter link: (optional)

You can also submit:

Videos through YouTube stream or Twitter tweet or LinkedIn embedded feeds.

How to Submit:

Click on to directly write or copy+paste the content or attach content file (up to 10 MB in size).


This is the first version of the open guest blog. Therefore, we are constantly looking forward to get feedback and suggestions to make it even handier for the users and to widespread it further. Please write your comments to us on or through any social media.

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