Sunday, September 11, 2016

Globalfoundries Fab 1 Dresden to start 12 nm FDSOI enabled by double patterning

Here is good news for the Globalfoundries Fab1 in Dresden and the many people I know working there! Fab1 has already successfully ramped 22 nm FDSOI by using Double Patterning in combination with Immersion lithography and will now according to a statement by Gregg Bartlett, senior vice president of the CMOS Platform Business Unit at GlobalFoundries continue with the same technology for 12 nm FDSOI:

When it comes to the patterning in lithography, “it’s very analogous on 22nm,” Bartlett said. The 22nm FD-SOI process involves double patterning, with two metal layers, and that’s the plan for 12nm, as well. “No triple patterning.” [Semiconductor Engineering]

PEALD is typically employed for double patterning this could mean some extra business for the OEMs supplying single wafer PEALD like ASM Internationals Eagle XP8 platform, which is also capable of PECVD that may be used for spacer/liner applications. Please find more details on the 12 nm FDSOI news below.

GLOBALFOUNDRIES unveiled a new 12 nm FD-SOI semiconductor technology, extending its leadership position by offering the industry’s first multi-node FD-SOI roadmap. Building on the success of its 22FDX™ offering, the company’s next-generation 12FDX™ platform is designed to enable the intelligent systems of tomorrow across a range of applications, from mobile computing and 5G connectivity to artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles.

 Globalfoundries Fab1 in Dresden Germany (Wikipedia)

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