Saturday, September 24, 2016

Arthur del Prado 1931-2016

(In brief, from Arthur del Prado, ASMI's founder and former CEO, played a fundamental and founding role in the semiconductor industry. He globally is viewed as a legend within our industry and his legacy extends from Silicon Valley to Tokyo.

 Arthur del Prado (

In 1996, ASM International was publicly-listed on the AEX in Amsterdam. Under Del Prado's leadership, it acquired Finnish company Microchemistry (1999) and Korean group Genitech (2004), cementing its position as market leader in atomic layer deposition (ALD).

Arthur del Prado died peacefully at his home on September 9, 2016. He is rightly recognized as the father of the European semiconductor equipment industry. Indeed, it is impossible to imagine today's industry without him.

Please find the amazing story about Arthur del Prado and ASM International here. ​​​​

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