Thursday, August 11, 2016

Tokyo Electron to Begin Accepting Orders for Triase+™ EX-II™ TiON

Simultaneously as Lam Research launches Fluorine free Tungsten for 3DNAND and DRAM, Tokyo Electron is launching their newset version of the market leading TiN Trias Tool that has been dominated the TiN MIM Capacitor electrode (e.g. DRAM memory cells) market since there was a market for it. The first version that was rolled out to most DRAM fabs at the introduction of high-k used a processes called SFD - Sequential Flow Deposition, which is a sort of pulsed CVD with  proprietary reductive gas flow pulses by NH3. Later a even more advanced processes called ASFD -  Advanced Sequential Flow Deposition has been developed. The key to these type of TiCl4/NH3 based processes is that it will always beat ALD in terms of throughput without compromising in film quality including great stepcoverage, i.e., conformal growth. Yet another reason why Tokyo Electron has been dominating the TiN market is the use of in-situ clean by ClF3. 

Tokyo Electron to Begin Accepting Orders for Triase+™ EX-II™ TiON, a Single-Wafer Metallization System

Aug 8, 2016 Tokyo Electron Limited (TEL) announced today that it would begin accepting orders for the Triase+TM EX-IITM TiON (titanium oxynitride) single-wafer metallization system in August 2016.

The Triase+ EX-II TiON is a high-speed, single-wafer ASFD  [1] system capable of oxidizing TiN (titanium nitride) films. This new system inherits the optimized reactor chamber and unique gas injection mechanism that characterize the Triase+ EX-II TiN system. Because the TiON film deposited by the Triase+ EX-II TiON has a higher work function [2] than that of a conventional TiN film, it effectively reduces leakage current when used to form the electrodes of an MIM capacitor [3]. Customers already using the TiN system can upgrade to the TiON system by modifying their existing systems, thereby reducing investment costs.

"The Triase+ EX-II TiON is a product with significant cost and performance benefits that can meet the continual demand for miniaturization in semiconductor manufacturing processes," said Shingo Tada, Vice President and General Manager of Thin Film Formation BU at TEL. "We intend to keep expanding the type of films the Triase+ EX-II series can handle, enabling it to cover an even greater variety of metallization applications in the future."

Leveraging its ability to develop innovative technologies, TEL will continue to deliver products that add high value and optimize solutions to the technological problems associated with advanced devices.

[1] ASFD: Advanced Sequential Flow Deposition. A low-temperature processing method for forming nanoscale metal films with highly-engineered properties.
[2] Work function: The minimum quantity of energy required to remove an electron from the surface of a solid.
[3] MIM capacitor: Metal-Insulator-Metal capacitor. It consists of an insulator layer between two metal layers.

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