Wednesday, May 25, 2016

JVSTA Special issue on ALD & ALE Coming up!

Special Issues

Atomic Layer Deposition - Atomic Layer Etching

JVST A is Soliciting Research Articles for Publication in a Special January/February 2017 Issue on Atomic Layer Deposition and Atomic Layer Etching
Submission Deadline:  September  6, 2016
These special issues are planned in collaboration with  ALD 2016 Conference and the ALE Workshop being held in Dublin, Ireland, during July 24- 27,  2016. The Special Issues will be dedicated to the science and technology of atomic layer controlled deposition of thin films. While a significant fraction of the articles expected are to be based on material presented at ALD 2016 and the ALE Workshop, research articles that are on ALD and ALE but not presented at this conference are also welcome: the special issue will be open to all articles on the science and technology of ALD and ALE.

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